[Glitzz] Alyssa Black { Táxi }
New Shoes Diva's Tiara High Heels Black { Táxi }

Vallentiny Design Melyssa lingerie Exclusive  preminum Only Event !!
Ômega, Maitreya, Slink Phisyque, Belleza and Layers.
(White, Black, Red and Blue)
Only 100l$, sold separately!
.:MMC:. Aria Shoes { Táxi }

Pose Couple The Menu Come Soon 
Pose Single Blues and Soul Come Soon
Six Essence Lace Pantie Black { Táxi }

[Glitzz] Black Swan { Táxi }
Exclusive item for Body Modification fair
Mesh Jewelry set comes:
* Wings
* Earring
* Necklace
[Glitzz] Ophelia Headband { Táxi }

Vallentiny Design - Clara Body and Socks (Black) 
* 1 Body
* 1 Socks
* Omega System! 

New A.K BS Amber Mesh Head { Táxi }
[Glitzz] Dominate Lingerie { Táxi }
* Body + Stockings in Classical Avatar Clothes + Appliers for Maitreya - TMP - Slink - Omega System
* Mesh Whip 3 poses included!
Shoes Belted Mod Stilettos SHEY SHOES { Táxi }
[Glitzz] Tiffany's Acessory { Táxi }
DS'ELLES - SEXY CHAIR - 15 poses The Black Dot Project Event

<*>B<*> Jacobi Strawberry Duces to Summer Dress { Táxi }
#Addiction-Black Denim Leggings [P]retty [H]ot [A]nd [T]empting Fashion Fair
#Addiction-Aztec Strap Top[Black/White] [P]retty [H]ot [A]nd [T]empting Fashion Fair
Shoes Edmonton Stilettos SHEY SHOES { Táxi }

:: No Cabide :: Doll (Chess) Mesh Shirt Dress  { Táxi }
HAIR Verinne Truth { Táxi }

Skin Cashmeir Perfect Diva's Inc { Táxi }
*CB* Luvy Top And Skirt Black [P]retty [H]ot [A]nd [T]empting Fashion Fair { Táxi }
!Twisted Glam. - High Waist Cut Off Jeans White [P]retty [H]ot [A]nd [T]empting Fashion Fair
:.P.D.: Top Bruh Werneck Bralette Group Gift { Táxi }
!Twisted Glam. - High Waist Cut Off Jeans White [P]retty [H]ot [A]nd [T]empting Fashion Fair
 1 Shoes Diva's Marlene High Heels Black { Táxi }
Beautitude Krishna Outfit Blood Moon [P]retty [H]ot [A]nd [T]empting Fashion Fair
2 Shoes :[Beautitude]: Lynnai Platforms Blk Ed. [Cherry] { Táxi }

Xxxtasi Dress Lacy Pure [P]retty [H]ot [A]nd [T]empting Fashion Fair { Táxi }
Shoes REIGN.- Oakley Fatpack { Táxi }

*AD* Overdose Purple Dress [P]retty [H]ot [A]nd [T]empting Fashion Fair { Táxi }
::xXx::Top Rudeness Black [P]retty [H]ot [A]nd [T]empting Fashion Fair { Táxi }
::xXx:: Cali girl jeans dark [P]retty [H]ot [A]nd [T]empting Fashion Fair { Táxi }
-VIBE-Shanghai Latex Leather Suit Black [P]retty [H]ot [A]nd [T]empting Fashion Fair { Táxi }
.::SuperNatural::. Dixie Black Exclusive Saving Sight { Táxi }
[Glitzz] Marrie Jewel The Autumn Effect Hunt { Táxi }

FurtaCor -Heart Lace Top Cropped { Táxi }
FurtaCor*New Ripped short  { Táxi }
SHEY SHOES Lexicilous Flat { Táxi }
[Glitzz] Marrie Jewel In The Autumn Effect Hunt { Táxi }

DIVA'S INC. OMAY Lt Pink Leather Dress { Táxi }
Hair Tableau Vivant Editorial Western wind - Blacks+Whites The Arcade { Táxi }

.::Supernatural::. Elnora Tattoo The Body Modification Expo { Táxi }
.::Supernatural::. Penny Stockings Black In Suicide Dollz { Táxi }
[Glitzz] Beauty Necklace In Cosmopolitan { Táxi }
[Glitzz] Candy Lace Pantie in Lubbly Jubblies { Táxi }

::{u.f.o}::Swan Lake Act1 -white
Hair Magika Beans { Táxi }
REIGN.- Ballarina Warmers { Táxi }
My Baby
*~Ballet/floral/lace~* Set For Baby Totsipop Cute Doll Dudinha'S {Táxi }
Pose *CS* Dream Princess In Saving Sight { Táxi }

Jay LongDress *Della Personi* { Táxi }
Shey Shoes Lancaster Stilettos in 70 Textures { Táxi }

[Glitzz] Ava Stockings Black In Saving Sight { Táxi }
[Glitzz] Candy Lace Pantie Exclusive for Lubbly Jubblies { Táxi }
Shoes REIGN.- Peep Toe Pumps Black { Táxi }

A.K Body Shop Leah Mesh Jacket in 5 sizes Hud Texture Change { Táxi }
Amber Jeans DarkBlue [Y U M Z] [P]retty [H]ot [A]nd [T]empting Fashion Fair
Diva's Zoie High Heels Black { Táxi }
New  Shey Milano Bag Leopard { Táxi }

:: No Cabide :: Mini Top Heart_White { Táxi }
FurtaCor*Skirt R Rock { Táxi }
Shoes Diva's Zoie High Heels White { Táxi }

New Jade Dress Colors Vallentiny Design
Lolita - Mesh Baby Bye Dress Red The Black Dot Project Event
*PROMO*[MODA] HANNAH LEATHER HEELS [P]retty [H]ot [A]nd [T]empting Fashion Fair

*AD* HIS WEAKNESS Pink Outfit [P]retty [H]ot [A]nd [T]empting Fashion Fair

New Wind Shirt .:MMC:. 
Shoes .::SuperNatural::. Dixie Black Exclusive Saving Sight

KnottedShirt Six Essence
Blueberry - Rolled Shorts
Exile::Bewitched Collabor 88
~Reel Poses Cycle Autumn The Black Dot Project Event

 Allanis Lingerie .:MMC:. 
Hair - Yenna  Mina Gacha